Binh Trinh


Hey there, I’m Binh. I’m a Dental Prosthetist living in Hornsby, Australia.
I am a fan of Photography, Graphic Design and Technology. I’m also interested in Programming and Fitness.

Dental Prosthetist

As a dental prosthetist I'm a dental profession who constructs, fits and provides a complete and professional denture care service. Before obtaining clinical training to become a dental prosthetist I had been working full time as a dental technician for more than 10 years. My main role as a dental professional is to construct, maintain, repair and reline dentures as required by the patient, or referring practitioner. I will personally consult, advise and assist you in all relevant aspects of your treatment and where necessary, provide you with appropriate treatment.

  • Birthday: 1972
  • Website:
  • Phone: 02 9477 7650
  • City: Hornsby, NSW
  • Age: 49
  • Degree: Advanced Diploma
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  • Home Visit: Available

Patient-oriented care is about providing dental care to patients with dignity and respect and involving them in all decisions about their treatments.

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Dental background


Binh Trinh

Knowledgeable and highly skilled Dental prosthetist with demonstrated record of accomplishment in patient evaluation, diagnostics and treatment planning to assist patients with undestanding all required neccessary procedures before offering successful treartments.

  • Unit 5 / 1 Ashley Street, Hornsby NSW 2077
  • (02) 9477 7650


Dental Prosthetist

2019 - 2021

Advanced Diploma Of Dental Prosthetics, TAFE NSW

Dental prosthetists are registered practitioners who work independently to provide complete and partial dentures and mouthguards to the public. To become a dental prosthetist you must have already trained as a dental technician.

Dental Technician

2007 - 2009

Diploma Of Dental Technology, TAFE NSW

Dental technicians construct and repair dentures (false teeth) and other dental appliances including crowns and bridges. Dental technicians work closely with dental prosthetists and dentists in the construction, modification and repair of dentures and other dental appliances.

Professional Experience

Dental Prosthetist

2021 - Present

Hornsby Denture Clinic

Dental Technician

2010 - 2021

Hornsby Denture Clinic


2008 - 2010

Hornsby Denture Clinic


2007 - 2008

Sydney Pearl Group Dental Laboratory


Our in house laboratory facilities use Therapeutic Goods Association approved materials, ensuring that your new dentures will be made without compromise. This will enhance chewing function and restore you with a natural smile.

Full Dentures

A full denture is a removable appliance replacing all of the natural teeth and the associated tissues and is supported by the gums.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is replacing one or more missing natural teeth and associated tissues. It replaces what is lost and preserves what is left.

Implant Retained Dentures

Your Dental Prosthetist will fit dentures over implants to provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritations, and decreased bone loss.

Additions and Repairs

Most broken dentures can be repaired and restored to their previous condition. If you have had or need to have a tooth extracted it is usually possible to add the tooth to your existing denture.


Restore the fitting surface of your old dentures, adapt them more closely to your gums in the same fashion as a new denture would. This can help reduce movement and improve suction as well as fill in areas that trap food particles.


Custom mouthguard are made to fit the teeth and gums closely, offer greater comfort and protection than pre-fabricated mouthguard. Mention your club for a 10% discount on our club member Mouthguard.




Suite 5 / 1 Ashley Street
Hornsby NSW 2077


02 9477 7650